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Avalon2 is the second machine of Avalon project. It uses 55nm ASIC chips.


User manualEdit


The USB on the AR9331 has bugs. If you want use serial console, please use the direct serial console on 703N (the /dev/ttyATH0). It's far more stable than USB-serial converter. You may want add a USB hub between machine and 703n

Raspberry PiEdit

  • The default firmware IP address is, you can access it by
  • You may need update the address/DNS to your local configuration. DO NOT FORGET your IP address.
  • If the Raspberry Pi can access internet, cgminer should automatic start

Using BFGMinerEdit

Avalon 2 units communicate with a UART, usually attached to your host via a generic USB UART adapter. First, figure out what COM port (or /dev/ttyUSB on Linux) and run BFGMiner with:

bfgminer -S avalonmm:\\.\COM22 --set avalonmm:clock=1500 --set avalonmm:voltage=1 --set avalonmm:fan=80

Manual by othersEdit


  • Chip Freq: 1700, Voltage: 10750 --> 119GHs
Extra cooling is recommended, GJPMiningco recommends removing the slide panel that covers the heatsink and adding some fans that blow down into the heatsink - at least 3 fans evenly spaced along the heatsink.

Avalon3 CGMiner Under Ubuntu 14.04Edit

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev pkg-config libtool libncurses5-dev libudev-dev screen xterm
sudo apt-get install git-core
sudo apt-get install openssh-server byobu
sudo apt-get install autoconf
sudo apt-get install automake
Inside your home directory, download Cgminer
sudo git clone https://github.com/ckolivas/cgminer
cd cgminer
sudo ./autogen.sh --enable-avalon2
sudo make -j 4
sudo ./cgminer -S /dev/ttyUSB0 --avalon2-freq 500 --avalon2-voltage 7250 --avalon2-fan 50 -o http://stratum.pool:3333 -u work -p pass 
sudo ./cgminer -S /dev/ttyUSB0 --avalon2-freq 500 --avalon2-voltage 7250 --avalon2-fan 50 -o http://stratum.pool:3333 -u work -p pass --api-allow W:192.168.2,W: --api-listen $@ 2>./log

If you use cgminer 4.5.0, the command will like this:

sudo ./cgminer --avalon2-freq 500 --avalon2-voltage 7250 --avalon2-fan 50 -o http://stratum.pool:3333 -u work -p pass 
sudo ./cgminer --avalon2-freq 500 --avalon2-voltage 7250 --avalon2-fan 50 -o http://stratum.pool:3333 -u work -p pass --api-allow W:192.168.2,W: --api-listen $@ 2>./log

The Avalon2Edit


315GH/s, 1020W@220V in normal mode. 
210GH/s, 420W@220V in ECO mode. 

Avalon2 Single ModularEdit

Module hash speed: ~105GHS
Chip operating speed: 1.5GHS 
Chip working voltage: 1.0V 
Typical values DH: ~2% 
Module Power: 24.5A@12V, 294W (excluding fan power consumption). 0.1A @ 5V, 0.5A @ 3.3V. 
Power Module conversion efficiency: >= 87% 
Design Operating temperature: 85C (chip temperature), 60C (PCB, temperature sensor measurements) 
Fan: 4PIN PWM speed control, report fan speed back.
Include: Single modular, USB Connector


From bottom (FPGA) to top is 1 to 8:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Blink when found nonce
6, 7, Data transfer
8: Error or under testing

Design FilesEdit

Package: QFN48-7X7, 0.5mm pitch
Process node: 55nm
Core voltage: 0.8 ~ 1.0V
Chip frequency: 750MHz
Hashrate: 1.5Gh/s
Power usage: 1.6~2.45J/Gh on ASIC side
VDDIO: 3.0 ~ 3.6V

Source codeEdit

Debug portEdit



  • Merge cgminer to ckolivas's trunk(V4.5.0)
  • Support p2pool(with MM Version: 331408-a15cac80)
  • Fan speed auto adjust with new method,range support.(cgminer param: --avalon2-fan 50-100 or --avalon2-fan 50)
  • Support hotplug usb cable by cgminer.
  • Ignore blacklisted and zombie devices on luci status page.


  • Update OpenWrt to r41240
  • Add new parameter for polling delay: --avalon2-polling-delay (Default: 20ms)
  • Add new parameter for stratum ignore time: --stratum-ignore (Default: 30s)
  • Add LED status on API log
  • Support unlimited socket receive size for cgminer-api
  • Try to detect module twice when start
  • Don't count HW works on hashrate
  • Support cgminer restart on status page
  • Display indicator status on status page
  • Change introduction on luci-cgminer


  • Update to OpenWrt r40859, Update cgminer to 4.3.3
  • Add option: --avalon2-cutoff <arg> Set Avalon2 overheat cut off temperature (default: 88)
  • Add option: --avalon2-fixed-speed Set Avalon2 fan to fixed speed
  • Update default modulars from 3 to 4
  • Only display the module that attached
  • Ignore frequent stratum message. make MM have more time to hashing
  • Fix the share cannot count to correct device(miner thread)
  • Cut the ASIC power when network was down for 3 minutes
  • Automatic fan speed adjustment
  • New feature. module indicator by using the red led
  • Fixed hashrate count when start and ignore disabled module
  • Fixed a bug that may lose hashrate. 5% ~ 8% hashreate improvement.
  • Code improvement: dev type detect, job_id crc16 compare, display GHS, etc.


  • Here: http://downloads.canaan-creative.com/software/avalon2/2014-04-23
  • Update CGminer from 4.0.0 to 4.3.0 (You may want read document on --config options)
  • Update OpenWrt to r40351 (Linux version 3.10.34)
  • Fix a bug that may cause hashrate lose.
  • Support 703N, 1043ND-V2 and RaspBerry Pi
  • Detect Avalon power good signal in cgminer
  • Display GHS(not MHS) on cgminer status page
  • Add some text for support both Avalon2 and Avalon3
  • Support frequency setting for Avalon2 and Avalon3 chips on cgminer configuration page
  • Support voltage setting for Avalon2 and Avalon3 chips on cgminer configuration page




  • Here: http://downloads.canaan-creative.com/software/avalon2/2014-01-23/
  • MM(201401-a3cb3950): Include the first stable version of MM firmware
  • Include the RPi OpenWrt firmware
  • Include the 703N OpenWrt firmware
  • Support fixed fan speed, support A3255 frequency from 1G to 2G, support adjust voltage for 0.65v to 1.1v
  • Display all modules status include 2 fan, 2 temperature sensors, voltage and frequency
  • Voltage display as encode mode. needs to be changed to human readable
  • Include an ASIC cores testing python script


  • NOTICE: Only for testing
  • Fixed fan speed can be change by users.

Test planEdit

  • New firmware don't break Avalon for sure
  • New firmware don't use all flash. have to keep some space for save configuration
  • Either and WiFi(703N) connect works fine
  • Cgminer works fine(the kernel user driver, cgminer it self, cgminer-monitor and uci configurations files)
  • After configure cgminer. [Save & Apply] can restart the cgminer
  • The Status/API log page works fine
  • Test mining. the hashrate should be correct
  • Test the cgminer-monitor. make sure it can restart cgminer
  • When network was down poweroff ASIC
  • Automatic fan adjustment
  • Make sure 80/22/4028 open on WAN.
  • Test 10 avalon2 single module with one host (703N or RPi)

Testing on ASIC coresEdit