Bitcoin Quiz

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  • Questions 11-15 1,5 points

1. Which organization issues Bitcoins?

Federal reserve system
Russian Sberbank
Bank of Japan
No one is emitting Bitcoins

2. Name the date of issue of first Bitcoin block

December 27 2009
January 3 2009
March 5 2009
October 23 2010

3. What does the Auroracoin logo looks like?


4. What does the Bitcoin mining represents by itself?

Bitcoin Foundation issues the reward for the usage of user’s computing power.
All Bitcoins were created beforehand and are distributed between the users in strong proportion with their contribution to the network computing power.
Bitcoins are created by the mining companies
Bitcoins are awarded as a reward for decoding of transacted units, and their replenishment.

5. Would the miners disappear when number of the mined Bitcoins lead to 21 million?

Yes, because they would not be able to get a reward
No, because system would go to another level, and new issue company would start
No, because the transaction calculation is always required, reward would be calculated out of the increased commission per transaction
Yes, because the Bitcoin would no longer exist, if all Bitcoins would be mined.

6. What is the protocol for financial transactions among the following services?

Friendly pay

7. Is there a difference in graphic card performance when Bitcoin and Litecoin are mined, and why?

Yes, because of the complexity differences
Depends on the transaction approval speed
Yes, because of different algorithms

8. Could the Bitcoins be stolen?

No, because this is just a programming code
Yes, as well as any other digital docs or data
No, because there is a need to perform the block decoding process again
Yes, but only by the phishing way (tricking to transfer Bitcoins from purse to purse)

9. Does the Bitcoin and Litecoin were created by the same people?

Yes, but nobody knows them
Bill Gates and Jeb McCaleb respectively
No, these systems were created by different people
Yes, he is Charles Li. He has created Lightcoin right after he finished Bitcoins

10. Who could create Bitcoin fork?

Only Bitcoin creator
Only that, who bought the Bitcoin code from a creator

11. Which main factors influence on the complexity of Bitcoin network?

Proportional to the miner's power (changes with the network speed)
Depends on the complexity recalculation time and network computing power
It only depends on the mined Bitcoin quantity
Complexity is determined by the network creator

12. What is the essence of «Attack 51%»?

Dual spending of the same bitcoins
Ownerwhip of the 51% of mined Bitcoin
Changing complexity on own discretion
Information changing for more than half of all Bitcoin transactions and impact on the entire system

13. What hash function algorithm decoding is more difficult?

Depends on network computing power

14. Up to how many digits after the decimal point Bitcoin is calculated?

up to 5 digits
up to 6 digits
up to 7 digits
up to 8 digits

15. Which graphic cards work better for Bitcoin mining?

Any, in the similar price category
Depends on the algorithms

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