Bitcoin history

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Bitcoin history throws back ten-year researches of cryptography and distributed networks. Bitcoin itself appeared in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto.



  • 18 of August – domain name has been registered
  • 31 of October – document that offered officially a new crypto currency to society has been published. The title of the document is “Bitcoin P2P e-cash paper”
  • 9 of November – Bitcoin project has been registered in the link


  • 3 of January – the first block Bitcoin has appeared (so called genesis block). 50 BTC have been generated. Time is 18:15:05 (GMT)
  • 9 of January – the first version of Bitcoin v0.1. has been issued
  • 12 of January – there was realized the first Bitcoin transaction (block 170). Sender is Satoshi Nakamoto. Receiver is Hal Finney
  • 5 of October – the first Bitcoin course towards exchange dollar has been published: 1 USD = 1 309.03 BTC. There have been launched a public sale on New Liberty Standard stock exchange
  • 9 of October - #bitcoin-de channel has been registered in IRC
  • 16 of December – Bitcoin v0.2. version has appeared


  • 6 of February – the first official stock exchange Bitcoin Market has been opened
  • 22 of May – the first online purchasing has been done. Some Laszlo bought pizza for 10000 coins (25 dollars)
  • 11 of July – Bitcoin v0.3. version has been mentioned on Slashdot link. It increased significantly the quantity of Bitcoin users.
  • 12 of July – for 10 days crypto currency rate increased 10 times: since 0.008 USD per BTC to 0.08 USD per BTC
  • 17 of July – one more stock exchange has been founded, its name is MtGox
  • 15 of August – bug in bitcoin code was a reason of “dirty” transaction in block # 74638.Users have easily found a mistake, corrected code and “clean” block (# 74691) changed the “dirty” one in the chain
  • 14 of September – jgarzik user offered 10 000 coins (600-650 USD) to puddingpop user for opening their common customer CUDA in Windows base. This day there has been fixed the first mining in block # 79764
  • 18 of September – puddingpop user announced about opening of the CUDA customer on Windows base under the MITd license
  • 29 of September – Kermit user has found in micro transaction an invasion, after that new v0.3.13 version has been announced
  • 1 of October – the first public miner open CL has been created
  • 7 of October – after several months of the slack crypto currency rate increased from 0.06 $ per BTC
  • 16 of October - the first Bitcoin sales with depositing have been registered. A deal between nanotube and Diabo-3 users has been carried out. The third person is theymos user.
  • 17 of October – trades channel IRC #bitcoin-otc. appeared
  • 28 of October – the first short trade transaction on 100 coins has been made (from nanotube and kiba users). The base of transaction is trade channel #bitcoin-otc.
  • 6 of November – Bitcoin share capital was 1 million USD. The rate of crypto currency on MtGox exchange stock achieved 0.50 USD per BTC.
  • 7 of December – doublec user has created Bitcoin application for Nokia N900 smartphone. That day ribuck user has sent 0.42 BTC in the first history of P2P transaction with the help of mobile device.
  • 9 of December – the first contract with open call-agreement has been concluded (nanotube and sgornick users). The base of transaction is a trade channel #bitcoin-otc.
  • 16 of December – Pool Bitcoin mining under the control of sluch user has generated his first block


  • 8 of January – Bitcoin Pooled Mining has achieved 10 Ghash per second capacity
  • 27 of January – the most monetary transaction for the whole history of Bitcoin currency has been made. 3 accounts from Zimbabwe were on sales located in stock exchange #bitcoin-otc. The currency rate was 4 BTC per 100 trillions of Zimbabwe dollars.
  • 28 of January – block 105000 has been generated, it means that at that moment 5.24 millions of bitcoins have been already issued
  • 9 of February – bitcoin’s value became the same as dollar’s one. That day exactly 1 coin could be bought per 1 USD on MtGox sales
  • 10 of February – that day source tries to control new users, appeared after crypto currency has been mentioned on Slashdot and Hacker News sites. A lot of users came from Twitter
  • 14 of February – it was the first time when somebody would like to sell a car on stock exchange using bitcoins (an old Porsh). The price 3000 BTC has been established. The seller was an Austrian.
  • 1 of March – MagicalTux user has bought source, the seller was its founder whose name is Jed MacCaleb.
  • 6 of March – sudden change in the general Bitcoin network appeared. During the short period of time a connection speed achieved 900 Ghash per second and very soon it decreased to 500 Ghash per second. There are rumors that it has happened because of supercomputer or network bot which have been connected to. It is called as “mysterious miner”.
  • 18 of March – low Bitcoin rate comparing to dollar achieved 70 cent per 1 USD. Before it there has been a current increase of the rate (it is possible that it has been made artificially), then there has been a current decrease.
  • 22 of March - WeUseCoins published the viral video What Is Bitcoin? which has received over 8 million views.
  • 27 of March – the first stock exchange has been opened where bitcoins could be changed to BTC/GBP pounds sterling
  • 31 of March – the first stock exchange has been opened where Brazil reals could be changed to Bitcoin Brazil
  • 5 of April – the first stock exchange has been opened where Polish zloty could be changed to
  • 12 of April – the first Bitcoin option agreement has been signed. Thi event has happened on the stock exchange #bitcoin-otc.
  • 16 of April – official media mentioned bitcoins. TIME has published an article about crypto currency
  • 23 of April – BTC/USD rate achieved and extended the note of USD/euro rate in MtGox stock exchange, a little bit later the same day won a USD/pound rate. The general capitalization of bitcoins achieved 10 million of dollars.
  • 27 of April – VirWoX has opened the first sales on exchange of crypto currency to another virtual currency BTC/SLL
  • 2 of June – Bitcoin rate comparing to dollar increased to 10 USD per 1 coin. And in 6 days rate 31.91 USD per Bitcoin has been fixed in MtGox stock exchange
  • 12 of June – rate decrease has happened again to 10 USD
  • 13 of June – the first theft on Bitcoin has happened. Allinvain user told that 25 thousands of coins have been stole from his cash-box. (it is equal to 375 thousands of dollars)
  • 19 of June – MtGox data base has been broken. 60 thousands users suffered, information about them was in the hands of frauds. E-mail addresses and passwords have been stolen. the same day some unknown hacker achieved MtGox administration account, he sent hundred thousands of fake bitcoins and decreased in this way the rate of crypto currency from 17.5 USD per 1 coin to 1 cent. Sales have been recommenced in one week only. Moreover, at the same day thousands of coins have been stolen from accounts of MyBitcoin users.
  • 22 of July – the first mobile application for iPad BitCoins Mobile has been published
  • 20 of August – there was the first Bitcoin conference at World Expo exhibition located in New York
  • 23 of August – the first decentralized P2Pool has mined his first block
  • 25 of November – there was the first conference devoted to crypto currency in Europe. This event has happened in Prague (Czechia)
  • 12 of December – the biggest account (171 BTC in block # 157235) has been paid


  • 1 of March – the biggest theft of bitcoins has happened (about 50000 BTC), it was after security upgrade in Linode webhost
  • 3 of June – the biggest block (# 181919) has been created, it included 1322 transactions
  • 15-16 of September – there was a Bitcoin conference in London
  • 27 of September – Bitcoin Foundation organization has been created
  • 28 of November – block # 210000 became the first block, which compensation was not 50 BTC, but 25 BTC
  • 6 of December – the first Bitcoin stock exchange got a charter in Europe


  • 19 of February – the 8th version of Bitcoin Client has appeared
  • 28 of February – it was the first time for the last 601 days when bitcoin rate extended 31.91 USD
  • 28 of March – Bitcoin capitalization extended 1 billion of dollars
  • In May WebMoney announced creation of a new type of cash-box intended for operations with bitcoins
  • 1 of April – the rate of crypto currency in MtGox and other great stock exchanges achieved 100 USD
  • In August bitcoins have been recognized as a legal currency in Germany.
  • November. Sudden changes of crypto currency rate have been noticed. In the middle of the month the cost of 1 coin extended 1000 USD. It has happened after bitcoins have been supported by the great American creator of browser plays Zynga. That month one of the universities of Cyprus allowed payment for education by crypto currency.
  • 9 of December – 100 millions of dollars have been stolen from Bitcoin users’ accounts
  • In December China prohibited the usage of crypto currency on the territory of the country. One of the biggest stock exchanges in the world of BTC China has been closed. Norway was the next country after China, which did not acknowledge bitcoins.


  • At the beginning of January Elliptic Vault has been opened in London, it is the first safe storage of bitcoins

At the same month crypto currency began to oust euro in Ireland. Big quantity of companies agreed to take a payment for services by bitcoins.

  • 24 of January – BTC China renewed sales
  • 28 of January – vice-president of Bitcoin Foundation has been arrested, he was charged with money laundering. After that the crypto currency rate decreased by 40 USD. The reason of it was a panic from the side of users.
  • 1 of February – American newspaper The Chicago Sun-Times took a payment for articles’ reading by bitcoins
  • 7 of February – Mt.Gox stock exchange stopped all withdrawal transactions because of suspicion about mass attack because of transactions’ vulnerability
  • 10-12 of February – problems with transactions have been also noticed in other big stock exchanges. As a result a Bitcoin rate decreased by 30% to the 600 USD level.
  • 5 of November - Buttercoin, a US venture-backed bitcoin exchange, launches.


  • In January, the Coinbase Exchange collected $75 million within the financing round of C series by beating the previous record for the Bitcoin Company.
  • In March, the Bitcoin startup 21 Inc announced the attraction of venture investments in the amount of $116 million.
  • In August, 160 000 traders participated in the operations with Bitcoin.
  • In October, in Unicode Consortium, the offer to add a code for the Bitcoin symbol was presented.


  • In January, the network speed exceeded 1 exahash/sec.
  • In March, the Cabinet of Japan acknowledged virtual currencies like Bitcoin as payment means on an equal basis with real money. The largest South African online cryptocurrency market, Bidorbuy started working.
  • In April 2016, the Steam Service started accepting Bitcoin as payments.
  • In July 2016 in Argentina, Uber switched to Bitcoin when the government blocked credit cards.
  • In August 2016, the hackers hacked Bitfinex, a large Bitcoin exchanger, having stolen almost 120 000 Bitcoins (about $60 million).
  • In September 2016, the number of Bitcoin ATMs reached 771 around the world.
  • In November 2016, the Swiss railway operator, SBB (CFF) added the function of ticket purchase for Bitcoins to the ticket vending machines.


  • In March, the number of project on GitHub connected with Bitcoin exceeded 10 000.
  • June 12. The rate of Bitcoin exceeded $3000.
  • September 1. The rate of Bitcoin exceeded $5000.
  • November 29. The rate of Bitcoin overcame he psychological threshold of $10 000.
  • In December, it was officially allowed to trade futures for Bitcoin in the USA.

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