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Vitalik Buterin (born on January 31, 1994, Kolomna, Russia) - Canadian-Russian programmer, co-founder and former editor of the Bitcoin Magazine printed magazine, co-founder of the Ethereum project.


Buterin was born in Kolomna. At the age of six, he and his parents moved to Canada. While studying at school, it was found that Vitalik had abilities in mathematics, programming and economics. He could add three-digit numbers twice as fast as his counterparts.

At the age of seventeen, he got interested in bitcoin and at the same time became a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine, which became the first major print publication on this subject. In 2012 he received a bronze medal in the International Olympiad in Informatics. In 2013, after a trip to Europe, he met developers who shared his enthusiasm for coding. Later he returned to Toronto and wrote a technical paper[1] describing Ethereum. In 2014, Buterin, as a student at the University of Waterloo, received a $ 100,000 grant from Till, after which he dropped out of his studies and began working on Ethereum.

Bitcoin Magazine

Communicating on the forum about Bitcoin, Buterin came across an offer. Five bitcoins (about $ 3.50) for an article about bitcoin. As a result, Buterin started writing for this site and he was published there until the site was closed due to lack of interest in this topic.

In 2011, Vitalik received an offer to become a co-founder and lead author of Bitcoin Magazine. Later, Buterin also began to be published in other periodicals, including Bitcoin Weekly.

Since 2012 Bitcoin Magazine has been published in printed version. Later, the magazine was bought by BTC Media, where Buterin continued to write until the middle of 2014. In addition, he was in the editorial board of the Ledger magazine, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, which publishes articles highlighting issues of cryptocurrency and blockchain-technology.

Ethereum (Ether)

Buterin is the creator of the Ethereum system, a platform for creating blockchain-based decentralized online services, working on the basis of smart contracts. The network was launched in late July 2015.

Ethereum is realized as a single decentralized virtual machine. As an open source platform, Ethereum greatly simplifies the implementation of blockchain technology. The Ethereum technology allows any transactions with any assets based on a distributed base of contracts such as blockchain to be registered without resorting to traditional legal procedures. This possibility is competitive with respect to the existing transaction registration system.

Open source platform

Among other projects implemented by Vitalik on the basis of open source there are: Cryptokite, pybitcointools and btckeysplit. In addition, he contributed to the Bitcoin Python libraries, as well as to the Egora crypto currency trading site.

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