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Wishfinance (WSH) - Blockchain lending platform.

Project website

ICO start date: 2017-10-27


A new project proposes to utilize the power of Ethereum’s smart contract technology for simplifying loaning to small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). WishFinance, as the new Singapore-based blockchain venture is titled, is created in response to the growing number of issues faced by SMEs as the whole. Primarily, these businesses are unable to get loans as fast they need; or generally because of the lack of adequate assets for collateral, as required by the banks and other similar lenders. While in many cases, banks dry up the loaning pool by favoring big corporations over small businesses, mainly through corrupt means.Wish Finance's token is convertible into company's equity after the ICO anytime at request of the owner.

More information in the project whitepaper: https://wishfinance.com/WishFinanceWhitepaper.pdf

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